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Shrox Streetluge Racing Sponsorship Opportunities

I would like to invite you to join in the grown number of respected companies that are enjoying the positioning benefits in the exciting sport of street luge. Millions already know the adrenaline rush of watching their favorite racers zoom past so close by they can almost touch them. Television and movies feature street luge as a fast and furious, on the edge sport that attracts the idea market segment for products and services that cater to the youth to adult market.

The closeness of the spectators to the course offers great opportunities for getting your company logo out before the public. The racers are often within 6 feet of the fans, and this allows for up close and personal viewing of the sponsors emblems. That combined with the jumbo video screens events such as the X-Games have, and you can see the placement opportunities sponsoring Shrox Streetluge Racing will bring.


  • Sponsorship of Shrox Streetluge Racing is just as targeted and cost-effective as other elements in your marketing and advertising campaign.
  • Consumer awareness of your company increases, and sponsorship improves your company's public image. Quantifiable studies have been obtained to demonstrate success with targeted image enhancement from campaigns directed at youth demographics.
  • Sponsorship works as a common denominator to cross business to consumer boundaries enabling a sharing of common values. A direct connection is made in the mind of the young consumer.
  • Your sponsorship offers a payback to your supporting community. The community associates Your Company name and brand with positive influences right in their own neighborhood.
  • Sponsorship implies a degree of altruism absent from more commercial types of marketing. Ads are often 'screened out' or fall into the background. With sponsorship the product message can be integrated into the activity and therefore impacts the consumer on a more powerful level than other advertising media and methods.
  • Big success can be achieved on a very small budget.
  • Sponsorship builds better relationships with the public.

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