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Streetluge is an exciting and extreme sport that is fast and furious. It is like motorless Formula 1 racing on a downhill track.

Shaped wood and machined metal.

A fearfully and finely made creature known as man.

The incline of a paved road.

The intoxicating sensation of speed...

It all comes together in Street luge!

Just inches from the ground, the impression of speed is intensified beyond comprehension.

Streetluge racing is a fully active sport. Spectators can see the pilot's clenched teeth and tightened grip as he leans completely off the board while rounding a corner and accelerating down the raceway!

High speed drafting in the slip stream of another rider makes for very close, tight, and exciting racing.

Streetluge races are short and fast. In this hot competition there is no room for error. Every use of motion and inertia must be perfect.

February 23, 2003

Sunday, and I just got back from the longest runs I have done. I met up with some friends who had never luged before. We had a blast. We met at Sequoia Park in Eureka. There is a maintenance and access road that runs down a good ways thru the park. What rush running under the giant redwoods close enough to crash into. The road is only 7ft wide but smooth enough with three curves that actually got scarier each time. It ends at a parking lot speed bump, but if you cut right my friend "discovered" you can just slip under a gate and skim over a little wooden bridge shorter than it is wide, then another smooth path to entropy out on.
The hill is a 1/4 mile with another 1/4 flat. Next Sunday I am getting friend at a local news team to tape us.
Highway 101 would be so cool... 

March 2, 2003

Wow, what Sunday fun! Today we met on Loma Street that runs parallel to hiway 101. We met (ironically) at the TipTop club, a topless bar that doesn't serve alcohol. My friend shuttled us up the hill and paced our speed way down. To our left the Pacific Ocean, on the right redwoods. It was about 1/2 a mile with two moderate right turns with guardrail on the left. A few homes are in the middle, two came out to watch. Kind of how I imagine "Endless Summer" might have felt.

My way cool looking behind the head fairing shook so much the plastic cracked halfway down the hill! I took it off and will try a softer plastic like a rubbermaid 33 gal. trash can. More internal support too.

Our top speed was 45ish, but that was trailing the slower of us two. I probably did 48. A road crack repair across a turn gave us problems. I also wiped out enough to tear the trim off the butt of my AGV leathers, when it was apparent I was going to lose it, I just slid off the luge and took a butt n back ride. I could have crowded my friend but he didn't have leathers, just pads and helmet, so I bit it.

March 9, 2003

Rain, no fun!

March 16, 2003

Rain again, no fun! I was in San Diego for NARCON, and our rocket launches were rained out too!! We did sell out of all our rockets though, that was good.

March 23, 2003

Perfect day, but we had expected rain!!! No one was ready, our chase shuttle truck friend was out of town, and it was rather windy, this weekend I'll be ready, even if it is Thursday.

March 26, 2003

Put the new fairing together and took a few pics. Had to move the pegplate forward to compensate for the for the fairing. Yes I know my feet are off the footrest!

April 19, 2003

I modified my helmet and took a few pics. That crescent shaped piece is the portion I removed..

May 18, 2003

I got some China Bones bearings. The cheapest, quickest way to see some speed is to get new bearings. Next will be wheels.

June 01, 2003

I tried out my new 70mm Red Kryptonics. Fun was had.

June 08, 2003

I broke 50mph today! Such a blast to go so fast!

June 15, 2003

I was out of town, no action for me.

June 22, 2003

Perfect day, sunny with and ocean breeze. Kent, our driver is off doing biker things, so our radio spotter drove his truck will his friend took up the radio position.
My new racing luge wasn't ready, I just got the Randal-2 trucks and 85mm Blue Kryptonics wheels via USPS Friday, so I rode my old one (which is about to become a pegless "mid-calf" luge) while Charles rode his. He should have all new bearings and wheels next week.
I wiped out and slid at about 40mph before a crowd of 4 spectators. They got some thrilling crash action, my leather got some minor scuffing, no hurt for me. On the next run I got some bumping action for the first time for Charles, (geez that sounds awful) and we both recovered. I accidentally rammed him the next time and we both kept it together. Since we have had these cheap trucks and crappy wheels to train on, we think we have a chance at some races. "Team Woodie" maybe...

July 13, 2003

Everyone else was out of town so I went down a hill near my house, nothing to write a journal about...

July 25, 2003

I was out of town, no action for me.

August 03, 2003

Dave Silverbrand from Action News 6 here in Eureka came out to do a story on us. Even better we broke our speed record on camera! 53mph on our hill at Loma Drive.

August 09, 2003

Here is the video of the streetluge story KVIQ Channel 6 did about my friends and I.


It's 2 mins. long and 4megs. 

August 10, 2003

Well, I did it. I crashed and I broke. I broke my ankle, my wrist, my pinkie (and lost the nail) and cracked a rib.

My leathers with armor kept it from being worse. My helmet kept my head together. I slipped off the luge to slide to a stop and I caught something that caused me flip three times. I stayed conscious the whole time. I clearly recall seeing the pavement as it rushed up to greet me. I smacked the road face first on the second flip, but the visor held together and did not break. Watching the asphalt scrape across my field of vision was interesting. Man, those first 30 seconds were the worst until the endorphins kicked in. Best of all, the local paper was out doing a story and the photographer might have got some good shots. Overall, my first big wreck wasn't as bad as some I read about here...

I can get around, the trauma team said the padded and armored knees and elbows are what saved me. Vicodon is my friend.

August 24, 2003

The Times Standard printed the story they did on us, crash and all. No pictures of the crash itself though.


February 22, 2004

I finished my new luge design today, it has a much lower center of gravity than previous designs I have made. I am racing this one at Barrett the weekend of March 6th and 7th. It will be my first race since I was knocked out of the season last year.

(That's not a raccoon in the picture, that is Timmy my cat!)


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