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  I had known about streetluge for a while before I became interested in trying it. It was the opening of the 2001 remake of movie "Rollerball" that got me interested. A group of people rode streetluges thru the hilly main streets of San Francisco. I had worked at Sega video games in the South of Market district, so I was familiar with the roadways they were tearing along.

I looked up streetluge on the internet and found that I could build my own and get involved rather easily. I found some message boards online and began asking questions. I built my first one from a wood 2x4 and a skateboard I got at an after Christmas sale. I cut the 2x4 in three pieces and made the rail, took the trucks off the skateboard and mounted them on the rail. I used the skateboard deck as the seatpan, some socks stuffed with packing foam as seat and headrest padding and painted the whole thing black.

Then I when to the top of hill.

Arriving at the bottom of the hill was kind of like Peter Parker first discovering his SpiderMan powers, or maybe the first time I listened to Art Bell talking about UFO's.

I loved it.

It was cool. It expanded the possibilities of what I could do. I have since built two more streetluges, each better the previous one. In January 2003 I was issued an official number from the IGSA, the International Gravity Sports Association.

I am now IGSA #166.

Big deal. Well, for me it is a big deal. In October 2000 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. I was 36. I have had to quit working and make allot of adjustments in my life. I could not do it without Guri, who is my wife and is my secret girlfriend.

Now I am gearing up for the 2004 season. A bad crash in August 2003 set me on the sidelines for the remainder of the past year. First race is the Barrett Outlaw 2004, March 6 and 7, and I am all set! 

So how can I luge?! I can luge because it does not require traditional strengths. The very low center of gravity makes it much more stable than one might imagine. There are no repetitive arm and leg movements, and the races are not so long as to be taxing. I can do it, and so I do.

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